Meet our lead designer

As you can imagine, here at Kurowska Design we are in love with branding and all things visual! 

We believe that the most memorable and unique creative work emerges when we actively seek out and absorb new ideas and inspiration rather than being stuck behind a desk. Marta embodies this ethos and is consequently subject to a wide range of influences from her roots in the north of Poland, to her time spent living in Spain & Scotland and more recently travelling Europe by camper-van.

Marta has spent the last 7 years working closely with various businesses to help them create or improve their brand design and presence. A graduate of Salford University (Manchester) she is now based in Edinburgh and works with both local and international clients.

Our design style

We are advocates of minimalism and simplicity whenever possible. Using beautiful pastel colour palettes, our style is heavily inspired by Scandinavian design and also some Latin influences. We love working with elegant, clean and contemporary fonts and illustrations. We have such a passion for creating timeless designs that clearly convey each brand’s message and are always appealing to the eye.

Let’s create

something great.

We can’t wait to hear from you!